11 Best AI Tools For Recruiting In 2024

AI tools for recruiting can reduce hiring costs by 30% per hire, and 65% of recruiters are already leveraging this. It is critical you don’t get left behind in 2024.

AI recruitment tools can help streamline tasks like screening and scheduling more and more, acting as the helping hand that helps you find your ideal candidates before your competitors can.

  • Between 35% to 45% of companies are utilizing AI recruitment tools, with 99% of Fortune 500 companies incorporating AI practices. More than 73% of companies are planning to invest in recruitment automation. Source: Intellion
  • AI recruitment can reduce hiring costs by 30% per hire and increase revenue per employee. Source: Intellion
  • 76% of HR leaders believe that if their organization does not adopt and implement AI solutions, such as generative AI, in the next 12 to 24 months, they will be lagging in organizational success compared to those that do.

Ultimately, this will bring back a more human-centric approach to talent acquisition by allowing recruiters to concentrate on what matters: engaging with the talent on the other end.

So with that being said, let’s take a look through the top AI tools that you can fit into your hiring playbook in 2024.

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Fetcher AI

fetcher ai review cover

Fetcher – Your loyal companion in talent acquisition

Fetcher is a highly specialized AI sourcing and outreach tool designed to automate and enhance the top-of-the-funnel recruiting process.

Best for: Recruiters and hiring teams seeking efficient candidate sourcing and automated outreach capabilities.

Features & Pricing:

  • Advanced AI algorithms for efficient candidate sourcing.
  • Automated outreach tools for streamlined communication.
  • Integrates with various recruiting platforms and databases.
  • Detailed analytics and reporting for recruitment campaigns.
  • Fetcher’s pricing starts at $0 for the Starter plan and increases to $199/user/month for the Growth plan, and $649/user/month for the Amplify plan.


  • Saves time and money by automating mundane administrative tasks, such as sourcing candidates and scheduling interviews.
  • Automates initial outreach, improving recruiter efficiency.
  • Tailors searches to specific hiring needs, enhancing candidate quality.
  • Delivers qualified, interested candidates directly to the user’s inbox.
  • Customizable messaging to maintain a personal touch in communications.
  • Can handle a huge array of roles and levels, from junior to senior positions.


  • May lack the human touch necessary for the recruitment process
  • Integration with existing business may require some effort.
  • May require initial training to effectively utilize all features.


Manatal AI – Transform the way you recruit.

Manatal is an AI-powered Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that facilitates the hiring process from sourcing to onboarding, tailored for small to medium-sized businesses.

Best for: Small to medium-sized businesses seeking an intuitive ATS with AI capabilities for streamlined hiring.

Features & Pricing:

  • AI-driven tools for candidate sourcing and recommendation.
  • ATS and CRM features, making it an all-in-one solution for recruitment.
  • Various recruitment features such as recruitment marketing, automatic resume parsing, candidate matching, skills assessments, interview tools, and employee referrals.
  • Reporting and analytics tools to track and analyze the recruitment process.
  • Integration with LinkedIn and other job boards.
  • Manatal’s pricing ranges from $19 per user per month for the Professional Plan to $39 per user per month for the Enterprise Plan, with a Custom Plan available on demand. Each plan offers a 14-day free trial.


  • Enhances candidate search with AI-powered recommendations.
  • Robust feature set, effectively providing most of the features one would want in a recruitment software, which centralizes the recruitment process within a single platform.
  • Provides CRM tools for improved candidate engagement.
  • Easy to use with minimal setup required.


  • Easy to use for the most part, but there might be a learning curve for some specific features or tools.
  • Does not have a job board for internal use.


hireez ai review recruiting

Hireez: Spend More Time
Being A Recruiter

hireEZ is an AI recruitment tool that specializes in candidate sourcing and providing talent insights, designed to optimize the talent acquisition process.

Best for: Recruiters and organizations looking to enhance their sourcing strategy with deep talent insights and AI-powered candidate search.

Features & Pricing:

  • AI-powered search capabilities for a vast talent pool.
  • Analytical tools for detailed talent market insights.
  • Engagement features for reaching out to potential candidates.
  • Integration with existing tech stack and other applications such as Microsoft Outlook, JobDiva, Bullhorn ATS & CRM, and ZoomInfo SalesOS.
  • hireEZ’s pricing details are available upon request and may vary based on the required features and scale.


  • Aggregates data from the open web, saving time and providing accurate contact information for relevant candidates.
  • Streamlines sourcing across various industries and roles with powerful AI search functions.
  • Provides actionable insights for informed recruiting decisions.
  • Facilitates candidate engagement and communication.
  • Easily integrates with existing recruitment workflows.


  • Pricing is not transparent and requires direct inquiry.
  • There may be a learning curve to fully utilize the analytical tools.


eightfold ai review recruiting

Eightfold AI: Everything talent, powered by AI

Eightfold is an AI-powered talent intelligence platform that offers recruiting and skill development capabilities to optimize the talent lifecycle.

Best for: Companies seeking comprehensive talent acquisition and management solutions with a focus on skills development.

Features & Pricing:

  • AI-driven talent acquisition, retention, and upskilling.
  • Advanced predictive analytics for candidate sourcing and placement.
  • AI-powered diversity and inclusion tools to support bias free equitable hiring.
  • Talent acquisition and retention strategies informed by deep learning algorithms.
  • Details on Eightfold’s pricing are not publicly listed and require direct contact for inquiries.


  • Provides bias-free, relevant job matches and supports diversity reporting.
  • Makes it simple to advertise positions and manage candidates during all phases of the recruiting procedure.
  • Enhances talent management with advanced AI capabilities.
  • Increases productivity per recruiter, saving time in finding candidates.
  • Offers predictive insights for strategic hiring and retention.


  • The platform’s pricing isn’t transparent, and there is no free trial available at the moment.
  • Some users have reported issues with integration and technical problems, such as delays in the integration process and other related issues.
  • There isn’t a way for hiring managers and recruiters to leave notes on candidates profiles within the system, which can be inconvenient.


hirevue ai review recruiting

HireVue – Human Potential Intelligence

HireVue is an AI recruiting platform designed for large enterprises, facilitating candidate assessments and video interviewing to streamline the hiring process.

Best for: Large enterprises in need of scalable solutions for candidate assessment and video interviewing.

Features & Pricing:

  • AI-driven video interviewing and candidate assessment tools.
  • Advanced analytics for evaluating candidate performance.
  • Conduct structured video interviews to assess candidates effectively.
  • Customizable interview questionnaires to align with company values.
  • Integrates with major ATS.
  • The platform supports multiple languages, facilitating global recruitment efforts.
  • HireVue’s pricing structure is tailored to enterprise needs and is available on request.


  • Enables efficient screening of candidates at scale.
  • Provides insights into candidate soft skills and suitability.
  • Enhances candidate experience with user-friendly video technology.
  • Streamlines the recruitment process, from application to interview.
  • Offers multilingual support, making it suitable for global recruitment efforts.


  • Pricing transparency is not available without direct engagement.
  • The advanced technology may require training for both recruiters and candidates.
  • As a sophisticated enterprise solution, it may not be cost-effective for smaller companies.


paradox ai recruiting tool review

Paradox – Conversational recruiting software

Paradox is an AI recruitment tool with a focus on high-volume hiring, offering automation for candidate screening and communication through their AI assistant, Olivia.

Best for: Organizations with high-volume recruitment needs seeking to automate and streamline candidate interactions and scheduling.

Features & Pricing:

  • Paradox offers a conversational AI assistant, Olivia, that interacts with job candidates via chat, streamlining tasks like screening and interview scheduling.
  • Conversational AI helps engage with candidates via chat interfaces.
  • Automates recruiting tasks such as screening, interview scheduling, and onboarding, allowing recruiters to focus on the most qualified candidates.
  • Mobile-first approach for candidate convenience.
  • Integration with existing HR systems and workflows.
  • Paradox’s pricing is customized based on the volume and needs of the organization.


  • Olivia, the AI assistant, improves and reinvents the candidate experience while adding an almost-human touch.
  • Accelerates the recruitment process for high-volume roles.
  • Enhances candidate engagement with responsive AI chat features.
  • Eases scheduling and administrative tasks for recruiters.
  • The software extends its functionality beyond the hiring process by providing onboarding support, which can help expedite the onboarding of new hires.


  • Custom pricing may not be as transparent or predictable.
  • While there’s a mobile app for skills development, there’s currently no dedicated app for hiring managers and recruiters.


findem ai recruiting review

Findem – Talent AI with the data edge

Findem is an AI recruiting platform that specializes in outbound recruiting and attribute-based searching to help companies find and engage with the right talent.

Best for: Companies looking to proactively source candidates with specific attributes and engage with them through targeted outreach.

Features & Pricing:

  • Advanced search capabilities to filter candidates based on a wide range of attributes.
  • Access to 750+ million enriched profiles for sourcing candidates.
  • Automated personalized outreach campaigns for candidate engagement.
  • Quickly fill talent pools with candidates supporting DE&I initiatives.
  • Integration with popular ATS and HRIS systems for a seamless workflow.
  • Analytics dashboard to track recruiting metrics and campaign effectiveness.
  • Findem offers tailored pricing options to match the scale and scope of your recruiting needs.


  • Provides precise targeting in candidate searches using attribute-based filtering.
  • Automates engagement efforts, allowing for personalized communication at scale.
  • Provides access to a vast talent pool.
  • The platform can be customized to the specific needs of the company.
  • Delivers actionable insights with a comprehensive analytics suite.
  • Saves time for recruiting teams, especially those with limited time or staff resources.


  • Tailored pricing may require negotiation and could be less transparent upfront.
  • The breadth of search attributes necessitates a strategic approach to avoid overwhelming results.
  • Integration with certain ATS or HRIS systems may present a learning curve for teams.


humanly ai recruiting review

Humanly – Conversational AI Platform for High-Volume Hiring

Humanly is an AI recruitment tool that excels in automating candidate screening and interview scheduling, positioned as ideal for mid-market companies.

Best for: Mid-market companies looking to optimize their recruitment process with AI-powered automation for screening and scheduling.

Features & Pricing:

  • AI-driven candidate screening with instant engagement via chatbots.
  • Handles screening, scheduling, note-taking, and follow-up.
  • Automated interview scheduling to streamline recruitment logistics.
  • Integration with existing ATS for a cohesive hiring workflow.
  • CRM capabilities to manage candidate interactions and maintain a talent pipeline for future roles.
  • Humanly’s pricing is structured to be accessible for mid-sized companies, details available upon inquiry.


  • Reduces time spent on initial candidate screening.
  • Eases the interview scheduling process, improving efficiency.
  • Seamlessly integrates with common ATS platforms.
  • Helps identify high-potential candidates, improving the overall quality of hires.
  • Provides advanced analytics through all candidate conversations.


  • Pricing specifics are not listed and require direct contact.
  • While ideal for mid-market, it may not be as suitable for very small or very large companies.
  • The AI’s screening criteria need careful calibration to ensure quality candidate selection.


amazing hiring ai recruiting review

AmazingHiring: Sourcing Platform Built
for Modern Recruiters

AmazingHiring is an AI-powered sourcing tool specifically designed to identify and recruit tech talent, making it a valuable asset for companies in search of specialized technical roles.

Best for: Companies and recruitment agencies focused on hiring top-notch tech professionals, from developers to data scientists.

Features & Pricing:

  • Specialized search algorithms pulls from 70+ sources to find tech talent across various platforms.
  • Integration with LinkedIn, StackOverflow, Kaggle, GitHub etc. for comprehensive candidate profiles.
  • Provides a free Chrome extension to accelerate sourcing and find candidate’s social profiles with one click.
  • Offers a candidate search engine and candidate profiles for reviewing, contacting, and managing their statuses.
  • AI-driven analytics to identify the best matches based on skills and experience.
  • AmazingHiring provides a free demo, with detailed pricing available upon request.


  • Offers useful features to organize the talent pipeline such as creating folders, changing candidate status, tagging candidates, and writing notes.
  • Tailors the sourcing process to the unique demands of tech recruitment.
  • Aggregates data from multiple tech-centric platforms for a holistic view of candidates.
  • Employs advanced analytics to ensure compatibility between job requirements and candidate skills.
  • Excellent platform for managing candidates and their statuses.
  • Relatively cost-effective compared to other top aggregators and can save a significant amount of time by consolidating relevant candidate information.


  • Pricing information is not transparent and requires direct inquiry.
  • Focused primarily on tech roles, which may not be as beneficial for non-tech hiring.
  • Sometimes, the system misses badly while guessing the candidate’s strongest skills.


textio ai recruiting review

Textio: Hire and retain a diverse team

Textio is an AI-driven platform that optimizes recruitment marketing by enhancing job descriptions and other recruitment-related communications.

Best for: Organizations aiming to improve their recruitment marketing efforts with AI-assisted language and content optimization.

Features & Pricing:

  • AI-powered language analysis to improve job descriptions and postings.
  • Predictive insights on the performance of recruitment content.
  • A library of optimized job posts and templates helps recruiters engage the right candidates faster, and reduce overall cost-per-hire.
  • Language editor to create job posts, emails, and other hiring content with a focus on using inclusive language.
  • Textio Score tool to measure the effectiveness of content based on peer-reviewed research, helping hiring managers improve content readability.
  • Administrators can build team-specific custom templates and store them in a central library using the Textio Flow module
  • Textio offers customized pricing plans based on the needs of the organization.


  • Enhances the attractiveness and effectiveness of job listings.
  • Promotes diversity and inclusivity through language optimization.
  • Provides valuable insights on the potential performance of recruitment content.
  • Assists in writing job descriptions more efficiently, saving time for recruitment and talent acquisition teams.


  • Customized pricing might require negotiation and could lack upfront transparency
  • Some users find it cumbersome to access previously used items, suggesting a need for improvement in the platform’s workflow.


pymetrics ai recruiting review

Pymetrics – Soft skills platform

Pymetrics is an AI-based tool that applies neuroscience and data science to candidate assessments, offering a unique approach to evaluating job applicants.

Best for: Organizations seeking innovative and bias-free methods for candidate assessment, particularly useful in high-volume recruitment scenarios.

Features & Pricing:

  • Neuroscience-based games to assess candidate traits and potential, while making the assessment process more enjoyable and engaging.
  • Pymetrics uses cognitive data and AI to help make hiring and internal mobility more effective
  • Data-driven matching of candidates to job profiles.
  • Bias-free algorithms to promote diversity in hiring.
  • It provides a one-way video interviewing function, allowing recruiters to gain insights into candidates’ soft skills and personality traits.
  • Pymetrics provides a demo upon request, with pricing details available for various organizational needs.


  • Replaces the resume as a first-pass filter by assessing candidates based on their potential, not just their pedigree.
  • Measures a wide range of traits, providing a holistic view of candidates.
  • The gamified approach makes the assessment process engaging for candidates.
  • Uses AI to vet and match potential employees, saving time for hiring teams while also mitigating unconscious biases.
  • Aligns candidate capabilities with job requirements through objective data.


  • The unconventional assessment method may require buy-in from stakeholders.
  • Pricing is not immediately transparent and varies based on organizational scale.
  • The focus is primarily on cognitive and emotional traits, potentially overlooking job-specific skills.


AI tools can significantly speed up the recruitment process by automating tasks such as candidate sourcing, resume screening, and interview scheduling. This allows recruiters to save time and focus on other important aspects of their job, such as developing relationships with candidates and training hiring teams

There are various types of AI tools available for recruitment, including AI sourcing tools, AI screening tools, AI interviewing tools, and AI onboarding tools. Each tool has unique features and services designed to cater to different aspects of the recruitment process

Yes, AI tools can help in making better hiring decisions by analyzing job descriptions, resumes, and social media profiles to match candidates with job requirements. They can also screen and rank resumes, conduct video interviews, and predict a candidate’s likelihood of accepting a job offer

Yes, by using AI recruiting tools to review resumes and conduct keyword-based searches, recruiters can quickly narrow down the candidate pool to the best-qualified candidates, potentially improving diversity in the recruitment process

No, AI tools are designed to assist human recruiters, not replace them. They automate repetitive, time-consuming tasks, allowing recruiters to focus more on engaging with candidates and making strategic decisions. However, human oversight is still necessary to ensure accuracy and fairness

Will Chen
Will Chen

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