11 Ways To Use AI In Ecommerce In 2024 – With 30 Best Tools

AI for ecommerce is projected to increase sales by an astounding 59% through things like product recommendations. So whether you’re just dipping your toes into the digital marketplace or looking to enhance your existing online store, understanding how AI can improve your business is key. AI isn’t just for tech whizzes; it’s an accessible tool that can offer incredible amounts of value to anybody — and as such, it’s something that everybody is trying to adopt.

  • 84% of ecommerce businesses are either actively working at adopting AI/Machine Learning solutions or have it as a top priority. Source: Statistica
  • $16.8 billion is the expected market size for AI-enabled ecommerce by 2030 – Source: InsightAce Analytic
  • 95% of all customer interactions are predicted to be powered by AI/ML by 2025. Source: Servion
  • 35% of Amazon’s sales were generated through AI-based recommendations Source: Amazon

Convinced and eager to jump in? Then here are 11 ways that you can bring AI into your ecommerce strategy in 2024.

Table of Contents

1. Customer-Centric Search Functionality

Algolia is a great example of an AI tool that supercharges your website’s search

Converting website visitors into customers hinges on how quickly they find what they need. Often, visitors get lost in a sea of irrelevant search results due to using unique or unusual keywords, which traditional search engines struggle to interpret correctly.

That’s where AI steps in, totally changing the game for search functionality. AI gets what your customers are looking for, even when they phrase it in complex ways.

This means faster, more spot-on search results and a shopping experience that feels like it’s made just for them. The result of this? 70% of consumers say a brand’s understanding of their individual needs influences their loyalty (PwC).

Here are some of the AI tools we’d recommend:

IBM Watson Assistant

IBM Watson Assistant is a conversational AI platform developed by IBM. It helps you provide fast, consistent, and accurate responses to user queries through the use of advanced AI technologies like LLMs and NLP.

  • IBM Watson Assistant uses advanced AI, including LLMs, machine learning, and NLP, for accurate and contextual responses to user queries.
  • Watson Assistant’s conversational search feature can generate accurate, conversational answers grounded in your company’s knowledge base, ensuring a positive customer experience.
  • Watson Assistant can integrate with IBM Watson Discovery service, using user input as a query to return relevant results from your help content, with relevancy training for improved search accuracy.
  • It can be integrated as a web chat widget on your website, assisting customers with common questions and tasks.


Algolia is a user-friendly AI tool that supercharges your website’s search functionality. It’s able to understand user queries and deliver relevant results swiftly, making it a go-to solution for anyone aiming to improve customer experience and engagement

  • Algolia’s AI search infrastructure uses natural language understanding and automatic query suggestions to deliver relevant results and enhance customer experience
  • Algolia’s conversational AI, including chatbots, understands natural language, learns user preferences, and provides appropriate responses, improving service automation and customer engagement.
  • Algolia AI Search can be tailored to specific business outcomes, ensuring that search results align with clearly-defined business goals, which is particularly beneficial in the context of ecommerce.


Coveo is an AI-powered search platform that helps transform the ecommerce search experience by delivering personalized and relevant search experiences. It’s designed to understand shoppers’ intent in real-time and provide tailored search results, which helps in converting visitors into customers for you.

  • Coveo’s continuous learning process enhances the search experience by adapting to user behavior and preferences, predictively fetching and displaying relevant content from an organization’s ecosystem in response to user queries.
  • Coveo’s continuous learning process enhances the search experience by adapting to user behavior and preferences, predictively fetching and displaying relevant content from an organization’s ecosystem in response to user queries.
  • Machine learning in Coveo optimizes search results, either automatically or on command, enhancing the search experience by adapting to user behavior and preferences.
  • Coveo’s AI-powered search delivers highly relevant results quickly, maintaining user engagement and satisfaction by minimizing wait times and providing needed information promptly.

2. Optimizing Your Product Images

Tools like Pixelcut can help you create better product images, faster

Having top-notch product images are crucial, not just for attracting customers but also for building a brand’s reputation. High-quality visuals directly influence sales and customer trust.

However, the challenge lies in balancing quality with resources, as professional photography can be costly and time-consuming, a hurdle especially for smaller businesses.

This is where image optimization becomes key. It’s about finding smart, efficient ways to enhance product images, ensuring they look great without the hefty price tag and resource drain of professional shoots. Fortunately, AI fits that bill seamlessly.

Here are some of the AI tools we’d recommend:

Luminar AI

Luminar AI is a photo editing tool that uses AI to simplify complex editing tasks. It’s designed to save you time and effort, making it easier to create stunning, professional-quality product images.

  • Luminar AI uses artificial intelligence to analyze and enhance images. It can intelligently adjust exposure, contrast, tone, and color, making it easier to create high-quality product images.
  • Luminar AI offers a range of advanced features, including SkyAI, FaceAI, BodyAI, and IrisAI. These tools can enhance various aspects of an image, giving your product images a memorable style and a competitive edge.
  • Luminar AI offers pre-designed templates that incorporate AI adjustments. These templates provide quick and stylish editing options, making it easier to create consistent, professional-quality product images.


Pixelcut is an AI-powered photo editing app that streamlines the creation of professional-looking product images for ecommerce. It offers quick and user-friendly tools to enhance visuals, making it ideal if you’re looking to improve your online presence.

  • Pixelcut uses AI to instantly remove backgrounds from product photos, which is essential for creating clean, consistent, and professional-looking images for online stores.
  • Pixelcut’s AI color changer can automatically detect items in photos, allowing users to adjust hue, saturation, and brightness to accurately represent product colors.
  • This feature generates infinite product photos using AI, providing a variety of styled images without the need for a physical photoshoot.
  • Pixelcut is designed to be accessible to users of all skill levels, with a focus on simplicity and ease of use.

Let’s Enhance

Let’s Enhance is an AI-powered tool that improves and upscales images, making it a valuable asset for optimizing product images in ecommerce. It offers a range of features, from enhancing resolution and color to generating images from text, all designed to make your product images stand out.

  • Let’s Enhance can upscale images by 2x, 4x, 8x, or 16x, maintaining quality and detail, which is crucial for product images where clarity can influence purchasing decisions.
  • The tool allows for batch processing, enabling users to enhance multiple images at once, saving time and ensuring consistency across product images.
  • This feature works on low-quality images, including compressed, blurry, or pixelated ones, improving their resolution and overall quality.
  • For products that include human models, Let’s Enhance has an AI algorithm that enhances facial details, improving the quality of portrait shots.

3. Personalizing The Customer Experience

Tools like Drift AI listens, understands, and learns from buyers to deliver personalized experiences

Tools like Drift AI listens, understands, and learns from buyers to deliver personalized experiences

Personalizing the customer experience in ecommerce is more than just curating website recommendations. It extends to crafting individualized emails and notifications, encouraging past customers to return.

This strategy creates a connection beyond the initial purchase, making customers feel valued and understood. Case in point, 60% of consumers say they’ll become repeat customers after a personalized shopping experience (Exploding Topics), 71% want businesses to provide personalized customer experiences, and 76% are frustrated when this does not occur (McKinsey).

It makes sense. Tailored approaches ensure that customers are presented with options that resonate with their specific interests and needs. But normally doing this for every customer would be unrealistic, or at the very least, inefficient. But with AI, a personalized customer experience for everybody who clicks on your website can be a reality.

Here are some of the AI tools we’d recommend:

Drift AI

Drift AI is an AI-powered buyer engagement platform that listens, understands, and learns from buyers to deliver personalized experiences. It’s designed to turbocharge your digital buying experience, creating enduring customer relationships one conversation at a time.

  • Drift’s Conversational AI, trained on over six billion conversations, provides 24/7 human-like interactions, freeing businesses to concentrate on leads and customers.
  • Drift AI enables customization of responses to common topics, generation of examples, and creation of new topics, enhancing customer experience personalization.
  • With Intel & Audiences, Drift AI delivers hyper-targeted website experiences, tailoring each visitor’s experience to their specific needs.
  • Drift AI identifies and understands visitors, triggering custom playbooks that convert, thereby improving the customer experience.


Vue.ai is a retail AI platform that uses deep data and insights to personalize the shopping experience of your audience, increasing conversion rates and customer lifetime value.

  • Vue.ai leverages behavioral data to create meaningful, homogeneous audience segments, enabling personalized content delivery based on shopper behavior and preferences.
  • Vue.ai modifies content in real-time to align with each shopper’s preferences and intent, including product tags, titles, and descriptions derived from data.
  • The platform provides recommendations in real-time based on each individual’s behavior. These recommendations can be deployed across the site, from the homepage to the cart page, enhancing the shopping experience.
  • Vue.ai allows brands to showcase outfits on AI-generated models of various body types, ethnicities, sizes, and complexions, offering a personalized, inclusive, and real-time dressing room experience for global customers.


Emarsys is an AI-powered marketing platform designed to help ecommerce businesses deliver personalized customer experiences and drive engagement. It’s a comprehensive tool that uses data-driven insights to hyper-personalize your marketing messages.

  • Emarsys’ AI-powered Personalization Engine tailors customer experiences to boost engagement, conversions, and loyalty.
  • The platform allows marketers to deliver personalized, 1:1 experiences across multiple channels, including online, mobile, and email.
  • Emarsys utilizes data-driven insights to hyper-personalize marketing messages, enhancing the relevance and effectiveness of communication with customers.
  • Emarsys offers AI-powered insights for web content personalization, helping businesses deliver more relevant and engaging content to their customers.

4. Auto-Generating Product Descriptions

Create engaging product descriptions that drive action with the help of AI tools like Jasper

Create engaging product descriptions that drive action with the help of AI tools like Jasper

Crafting unique and compelling descriptions for each product can be a daunting task, especially for stores with extensive inventories. Fortunately, innovative AI solutions now offer the ability to automate this process.

These tools not only save significant time but also ensure consistency and quality in product narratives, enhancing the online shopping experience — meaning businesses are still able to maintain informative and accurate product listings, but they’re free to focus more of their efforts on other aspects of ecommerce.

Here are some of the AI tools we’d recommend:


WriteSonic is an AI-powered content automation platform that fast-tracks your writing process, saving you time and effort. It’s a go-to tool of many businesses and content creators for generating unlimited, high-quality content, including product descriptions for ecommerce.

  • WriteSonic uses advanced AI models trained on thousands of real-life examples to generate high-converting SEO-friendly product descriptions in seconds.
  • The platform provides tailored templates for different platforms, ensuring your product descriptions are optimized for the platform they’re published on.
  • The platform can generate creative and unique product descriptions in 25+ languages, making it ideal for businesses targeting international markets.
  • WriteSonic’s brand voice feature ensures the generated content aligns with your brand voice, providing a consistent experience for your customers.

Jasper AI

Jasper AI is a powerful artificial intelligence tool designed to generate marketing copy swiftly and efficiently. It’s like having a robotic writer on your team, capable of producing high-quality content, including product descriptions, at a pace that far outstrips human capabilities.

  • Jasper’s premium Boss Mode allows users to command Jasper to generate content, effectively overcoming writer’s block. It’s particularly useful for creating detailed product descriptions in over 25 languages, catering to international ecommerce platforms.
  • Jasper includes a Sentence Expander template that can take a short sentence and expand it into multiple sentences, allowing users to adjust the length and depth of product descriptions as needed.
  • Jasper assists in naturally integrating target keywords into content, enhancing the SEO performance of ecommerce product pages by understanding the context and adding value to the reader.
  • Jasper can learn a brand’s voice and style, generating personalized suggestions and content that aligns with the brand’s identity, crucial for crafting unique product descriptions that resonate with the target audience.

Copy AI

Copy AI is an AI-powered copywriting tool that helps you create compelling marketing content, including product descriptions, quickly and effortlessly. It’s like having a brainstorming partner that never runs out of ideas, perfect for ecommerce businesses looking to scale their content creation

  • Copy AI leverages advanced language models to generate high-quality, engaging written content, including product descriptions, which can be tailored to match a brand’s voice and style.
  • With support for over 95 languages, Copy AI allows businesses to create product descriptions for a global audience, making it ideal for international ecommerce platforms.
  • The platform ensures that the generated content is SEO-friendly, helping to improve search engine rankings and drive more traffic to product pages.

5. Enhance Customer Service With Chatbots

AI Tools like Tidio can help enhance the customer experience

AI Tools like Tidio can help enhance the customer experience

Chatbots are transforming customer service in eCommerce, particularly for less-known brands where support can be a pain point. These AI-driven assistants tackle a critical frustration in online shopping: inadequate customer support.

By employing chatbots, online retailers offer immediate assistance for customer queries, from product inquiries to more complex issues like shopping carts and payment troubles. This not only improves the customer experience but also instils confidence in the brand and makes customers more likely to stay customers.

This is evident even back in 2018, when chatbots reportedly boosted the revenue of some ecommerce stores by 7-25% (Chatbots Magazine). With expectations and standards for better customer service than ever in 2024, the value chatbots can bring will likely be much higher.

Here are some of the AI tools we’d recommend:


Tidio is a powerful customer service platform that combines live chat and AI-powered chatbots to enhance customer interactions. It’s designed to automate and streamline your customer service, making it invaluable in the pursuit of providing your customers with a better shopping experience.

  • Tidio’s AI chatbots automate customer support, providing proactive service and learning from interactions to continually improve. They use AI to build conversational scenarios, understand customer input, and measure response effectiveness.
  • The platform’s visual builder interface simplifies the creation and customization of chatbot workflows. It allows easy design of new conversations by connecting chat triggers and actions.
  • Tidio integrates seamlessly with popular ecommerce and social media platforms like Wix, Shopify, WooCommerce, Facebook, and Instagram, ensuring a consistent customer experience across all online platforms.
  • Tidio chatbots support 16 languages, catering to businesses with a global customer base and ensuring excellent customer service regardless of language.


Chatfuel is a user-friendly platform that allows you to create chatbots for enhancing customer interactions, without any coding knowledge. It’s a powerful tool for any ecommerce shop owner, providing a range of features that are essential in 2024 — features that improve customer service and drive sales.

  • Chatfuel can answer frequently asked questions automatically at any time, reducing the workload on your customer service team and providing instant responses to customers.
  • The platform can gather essential details about each customer issue, such as contact details and order track number, and email them to you. This allows for efficient tracking and resolution of customer complaints.
  • The chatbot can recognize positive and negative reviews and send a relative response in direct messages, comments, or both, helping you manage your online reputation.
  • For more personalized help, users can start a live chat with you or your customer support manager, ensuring that complex queries are handled effectively.


ManyChat is a chatbot creation platform that empowers ecommerce shop owners to engage with customers through automated conversations. It’s an intuitive tool that effortlessly boosts your customer service and sales, all without requiring any coding knowledge.

  • ManyChat can handle common customer inquiries automatically, providing quick responses and freeing up time for your customer service team. Additionally, with tagging and custom fields, ManyChat allows for personalized conversations, making each customer feel valued and understood.
  • The tool enhances your Facebook and Instagram ads by targeting competitors’ audiences and engaging them with automated questions, increasing your ad reach and effectiveness.
  • ManyChat aids in lead generation by automatically collecting contact information from interested customers, expanding your customer base and providing valuable marketing data.
  • ManyChat offers customizable ecommerce chatbot templates, saving time and effort in chatbot setup to fit your brand and business needs.

6. Create Ads

Tools like Adcreative AI can supercharge your ad creation process

Relevant ads have become more important than ever, with 80% of shoppers feeling that brands could better align their messaging with personal preferences (Sellerapp). For e-commerce business owners, using AI to create ads is a strategic move to quickly connect with their target audience. This approach helps businesses bypass the lengthy process of developing digital marketing channels from the ground up.

Ads created by AI not only streamline the process but also enhance overall engagement; leading to a 60% increase in engagement and a 20% increase in conversion rates for some brands (AIContentfy). So it goes without saying that using AI in your ad generation, your marketing efforts are more likely to hit the mark quickly and effectively.

Here are some of the AI tools we’d recommend:


ClickUp is a productivity platform that consolidates tasks, docs, goals, and chat, enhancing efficiency and work processes, particularly for ecommerce businesses crafting ads.

  • ClickUp’s Ad Copy Generator and Ad Builder Templates simplify ad creation, incorporating animations, videos, and ecommerce elements for unique, SEO-friendly ads that boost traffic and conversions.
  • Its marketing plan templates aid in crafting comprehensive online advertising plans, covering strategies, goals, target audience, budgets, and tactics.
  • ClickUp AI assists in generating ideas, writing blog posts, and overcoming writer’s block, producing audience-specific ideas for engaging ad copy.


AdCreative.ai is an AI-powered tool that revolutionizes the process of creating advertisements by generating high-converting ad creatives. It’s designed to help you create compelling, data-backed ads in a matter of minutes.

  • AdCreative.ai crafts AI-customized ad creatives for your brand, boosting ad appeal and conversions.
  • The AI feature enhances your images to professional-grade, producing striking, ad-ready visuals.
  • The platform predicts ad creative performance pre-launch, optimizing budget distribution and offering insights for strategy improvement.
  • AdCreative.ai provides a wide array of free stock images, broadening your ad creative possibilities.


ViSenze is an AI-powered platform that transforms the ecommerce experience of your audience by enabling more intuitive product discovery and personalized shopping experiences. It’s a game-changer for ecommerce business owners, offering a suite of tools that make it easier for customers to find and purchase products

  • ViSenze uses AI to provide tailored product suggestions based on customer activity, improving cross-sell and up-sell opportunities and offering insights on product performance and customer behavior.
  • It expedites product discovery through images, including photos, saved images, or screenshots, supplementing text-based search and promoting immediate shopping and conversion.
  • ViSenze uses visual AI to enhance your product catalog at scale, boosting product search performance and making your catalog more searchable and shoppable.
  • ViSenze supports A/B testing of recommendations, improving conversion rates and refining the customer journey.

7. Dynamic Pricing Optimization

AI tools like Minderest analyze market dynamics in real-time, helping you adjust prices smartly and stay competitive

Pricing can be tricky; it’s not always the top concern for shoppers, but it certainly matters. The challenge? Keeping up with market trends and competitor pricing, especially when you’ve got a whole range of products. But, thanks to AI, this task is now more manageable.

AI tools analyze market dynamics in real-time, helping you adjust prices smartly and stay competitive. In fact, dynamic pricing strategies, when powered by AI, can significantly boost a company’s bottom line. Amazon, for example, changes its product prices 2.5 million times a day. Suffice it to say, their bottom line has definitely benefited.

Here are some of the AI tools we’d recommend:


Prisync is an AI-powered tool that provides dynamic pricing optimization and competitor price tracking for ecommerce businesses. It’s designed to help you stay competitive by automatically adjusting your prices based on real-time market trends and competitor pricing.

  • Prisync allows you to monitor the prices of your competitors in real-time, giving you valuable insights into the market.
  • The tool automatically adjusts your prices based on market trends and competitor pricing, helping you stay competitive and maximize profits.
  • Prisync’s dynamic pricing module allows you to set up algorithmic repricing rules based on competitor prices and your target profit margins.
  • It offers various reporting options, including an overall pricing performance view from the web dashboard and email notifications for price changes.


Minderest is a pioneering tool designed to optimize pricing strategies for both retailers and manufacturers. It provides a comprehensive suite of features to monitor, analyze, and respond to market trends, helping you stay competitive and maximize profits.

  • Minderest enables businesses to monitor their competitors’ prices, promotions, stock, and shipping costs in real-time, providing valuable insights into the market.
  • It offers advanced pricing models that allow businesses to optimize their sales and profit targets. It uses machine learning techniques to process data from multiple sources, enabling the implementation of a dynamic pricing strategy that adjusts to your needs.
  • Minderest specializes in Price and Stock Intelligence, providing businesses with a comprehensive overview of current market prices and stock levels.
  • The Catalogue Intelligence feature lets you to analyze your competitors’ entire product ranges in-depth, identifying new product trends and opportunities.


OptiPrice is an AI-based pricing optimization tool that monitors what your competitors are doing so that you’re able to make data-driven decisions to determine the ideal price for products and services.

  • OptiPrice tracks competitors’ prices, shipping costs, and delivery times for a full market overview and offers price-checking extensions for competitive pricing.
  • The tool automates price adjustments using AI, considering market trends, competitor prices, and internal data to maintain competitiveness.
  • OptiPrice integrates market and internal data with pricing rules to determine the best selling prices, providing advanced analytics for business owners to understand pricing and market trends.

8. Tailoring Product Recommendations To Your Customers

AI platforms like Klevu provide advanced search and product recommendation capabilities

AI-driven personalized product recommendations in e-commerce is not just a convenience; it’s a powerful tool for boosting sales and enhancing the shopping experience. Consider this: in 2021, 49% of consumers made a purchase they didn’t originally plan to after receiving a personalized recommendation (Segment).

This personalized approach not only makes shopping more enjoyable for your customers but also increases the likelihood of purchases, as customers are more likely to find exactly what they’re looking for, and perhaps even a few things they didn’t know they needed!

Here are some of the AI tools we’d recommend:


Clerk.io is an AI-driven ecommerce personalization platform that helps your online store increase sales by providing tailored product recommendations. It’s designed to enhance the shopping experience by analyzing customer behavior and trends to suggest relevant products.

  • Clerk.io comes with 15 prebuilt smart logics, including hot products, order based, and visitor click history, which help in delivering personalized product suggestions from day one.
  • Merchandising feature allows e-commerce owners to control the shopping experience by using custom merchandising rules to tailor recommendations across the site.
  • Powerful filters enable the creation of bundling logics that pair relevant products frequently bought together, aligning with marketing campaigns and internal business goals.
  • The tool automatically identifies seasonal items and provides relevant suggestions, which is crucial for tailoring recommendations to the time of year.


Klevu is an AI-powered platform that enhances ecommerce operations by providing advanced search and product recommendation capabilities. It leverages ML and NLP to deliver personalized, relevant results, improving the shopping experience of your customers.

  • Klevu uses AI and natural language processing for accurate search results, accounting for typos, misspellings, and optimizing results using clickstream data.
  • It identifies product combinations frequently bought together, transforming these insights into tailored recommendations to boost conversions and revenue.
  • Klevu allows curation of unique shopping journeys by showcasing selected items from your catalog, creating a memorable experience for customers.
  • Its personalization engine studies user behavior for targeted product recommendations, increasing engagement and sales by linking customer searches to relevant product recommendations.

Dynamic Yield

Dynamic Yield is a powerful AI-driven platform that enables you to personalize your website content and product recommendations, enhancing customer experience and driving revenue growth.

  • Dynamic Yield’s recommendation engine uses machine learning to provide personalized product suggestions based on user behavior and purchase history.
  • The platform allows full control over content or product recommendations, enabling you to adapt the recommendation layout according to context, test and optimize any element, and predict customers’ next purchase.
  • Dynamic Yield can automatically tailor email content based on a user’s purchase history, trigger emails if a customer abandons their shopping cart, and include product recommendations for products similar to those viewed by a customer.
  • The platform allows marketers to personalize content on a mobile website, insert product recommendations, and dynamically change the layout of the mobile web experience tailored to each individual user.

9. Optimize Ad Spend Across Campaigns And Channels

AI Tools like Adline can intelligently allocate your advertising budget across different channels and campaigns

While the goal of expanding market reach and attracting new customers is enticing, the complexity of advertising campaigns can be overwhelming. However, trying to manually navigate through various marketing channels and touchpoints via traditional methods can be ineffective due to the vast volume of data.

This is where AI comes into play, offering platforms that intelligently allocate your advertising budget across different channels and campaigns, ensuring each dollar is spent where it will have the most impact. And what an impact it’s had — apparently having the potential to increase return on ad spend by over 250% (Influencer Marketing Hub).

Here are some of the AI tools we’d recommend:


Albert AI acts as an autonomous marketing ally, using AI to optimize ad campaigns and creative performance. It’s designed to help you maximize your ad spend by making data-driven decisions and automating the ad optimization process.

  • Albert AI continuously optimizes campaigns by analyzing performance data and making real-time adjustments to improve ROI.
  • The platform can manage and optimize ads across search, social, display, and other digital channels, ensuring a cohesive strategy and efficient budget allocation.
  • Albert AI can uncover new customer insights and efficiently manage long tail search campaigns, which can be crucial for reaching niche audiences.
  • Albert’s AI platform allocates budgets across channels based on performance, ensuring coordinated campaigns and optimal use of ad spend.


Adline is an AI-powered, easy-to-use advertising and analytics platform that enables you to launch multichannel ads quickly and efficiently. It’s designed to simplify the process of creating, managing, and optimizing ads, making it an ideal tool for e-commerce business owners looking to optimize their ad spend across campaigns and channels.

  • Adline’s algorithms optimize your ad spending across channels six times daily, focusing on effective ads to maximize ROI and reduce waste.
  • It lets you create ads for multiple platforms, enhancing your reach and marketing efforts, especially beneficial for multi-platform e-commerce businesses.
  • It offers a real-time analytics dashboard for analyzing button clicks, conversions, and channel performance, helping you understand audience interaction and profitable investment areas.
  • Adline provides a Template Library where you can find winning ads created by advertisers worldwide. You can copy and customize these templates to suit your needs, saving time and effort in ad creation.


Optmyzr is a powerful PPC management software that helps you optimize your ad spend across various campaigns and channels. It combines the power of automation and data analysis to enhance ad performance and efficiency.

  • Optmyzr offers tools to manage and optimize all aspects of PPC search campaigns, including keywords, ads, budgets, and more.
  • The platform provides tools to manage your advertising budgets effectively. It can pause items that exceed your allocated budget, saving you from unnecessary expenses, and adjust your campaign budgets to meet your target monthly spend.
  • Optmyzr provides insights into your competitors’ strategies, helping you to stay competitive.

10. Efficient Inventory Management

AI tools like Inventoro can optimize your inventory levels

Efficient inventory management is crucial for both eCommerce and traditional retail businesses. It’s a delicate balance: stock too much and you’re tying up funds that could impact your cash flow; stock too little and you risk missing sales opportunities due to product shortages.

Fortunately, AI tools now offer solutions that optimize inventory levels, ensuring you have just enough stock to meet demand without over-investing. This smart approach to inventory management is something that’ll not only save you time, but increase customer satisfaction by ensuring products are in stock when needed.

Afterall, the last thing you want is your customers turning to competitors for a perhaps time-sensitive purchase.

Here are some of the AI tools we’d recommend:


Kimonix is an AI-powered eCommerce merchandising solution that optimizes your sales and inventory management. It provides the tools to execute, manage, and optimize ROI-driven merchandising strategies in real-time.

  • Kimonix enables eCommerce brands to build smart, automated, multi-segmented product collections and category pages. This feature is customizable by sale influence, inventory, margins, customer preferences, and more to boost sales and move inventory faster.
  • Kimonix gives you the ability to sort product collections and categories according to dynamic business requirements. This includes personalization based on real-time shopping behavior, margins, conversion rates, days to finish inventory, and inventory value.
  • The platform includes the ability to implement advanced collection page cross-sell strategies, enhancing product discovery and increasing average order value (AOV) and revenue.
  • Kimonix automates product performance optimization based on inventory, sales, and customer engagement stats, providing a deeper understanding of which products are performing well.


Inventoro is an AI-driven sales forecasting and inventory optimization tool designed to help e-commerce businesses manage their stock efficiently. It provides actionable insights to reduce your inventory costs and increase sales by analyzing past sales data and predicting future demand.

  • Inventoro uses historical sales data to forecast future demand, enabling businesses to plan their inventory accordingly and avoid stockouts or overstocking.
  • The tool generates daily replenishment lists with goods that need to be ordered, helping maintain optimal stock levels and improve product availability over time.
  • Inventoro segments products into categories such as top sellers (Winners), slow movers (Chasers), and dead inventory (Losers), allowing businesses to focus on products that drive profit.
  • The tool offers recommendations on what and when to order based on various factors such as sales trends and seasonality, which helps in maintaining a lean inventory.

C3 AI Inventory Optimization

C3 AI Inventory Optimization is an AI-powered inventory manager that ensures you have the right amount of stock at all times. It uses advanced machine learning and optimization techniques to save money and keep your customers happy.

  • C3 AI Inventory Optimization provides real-time tracking of inventory across multiple channels and locations, ensuring accurate stock levels at all times.
  • The tool uses advanced AI and machine learning techniques to optimize reorder parameters, ensuring optimal inventory levels and reducing the risk of stockouts or overstocking.
  • The tool optimizes inventory levels across multiple echelons in the supply chain, from raw materials to finished goods, taking into account lead times, demand variability, and service level requirements.
  • The tool uses historical sales data to forecast future demand, enabling businesses to plan their inventory accordingly. Based on these demand forecasts, the tool can also automate the reordering process, ensuring that popular items are always in stock.

11. Allow Consumers To Visually Search

AI platforms like Syte can enhance customer experience through visual discovery

For e-commerce business owners, allowing consumers to search visually represents a significant shift in how customers find products. Often, shoppers know what they want but might not have the exact words to describe it. By enabling customers to use images instead of words to search for products, you can connect your audience with items that they may otherwise miss.

This makes the option for visual searches incredibly valuable, allowing your customers to cut through the limitations of keyword-based searches. How valuable? Well for starters, some studies show that it leads to checkout twice as quickly as text-based searches (Shopify) — and big companies like Pinterest have boosted the number of searches conducted every year on their platforms by over 150% thanks to visual searches (Nosto).

With only 8% of ecommerce brands adopting visual searches so far (VWO), there’s a significant opportunity for you to stand out from your competitors.


Doofinder is an AI-powered search engine designed to enhance the online shopping experience. It simplifies product discovery by allowing customers to search using images, making it easier for them to find what they’re looking for without the need for precise keywords.

  • Customers can search for products by uploading photos from their devices or taking pictures on the spot. This feature is particularly useful on mobile devices and is enabled by default.
  • Doofinder recognizes the shape and colors of uploaded images and cross-references them with the product catalog to find matching items.
  • Visual searches maintain the same loading speed for product results as text-based searches, ensuring a fast user experience.
  • E-commerce owners can use real-time statistics recorded by Doofinder to understand customer behavior and optimize conversions.


Syte AI is an innovative visual AI platform that revolutionizes the way eCommerce businesses enhance product discovery and customer experience. It streamlines the shopping journey of your customers by providing intuitive visual search capabilities and personalized recommendations.

  • Syte AI allows users to search for products using images instead of text, which can lead to more accurate and satisfying search results for customers.
  • The platform uses AI to automatically tag products in images, which helps in maintaining dynamic, accurate, and updated product attributes, crucial for effective product discovery.
  • Syte AI’s personalization engines offer visually similar and complementary product recommendations, which can inspire customers and potentially increase conversion rates.
  • Syte AI combines visual and text search, automated product tagging, and personalized recommendation carousels to create a comprehensive product discovery experience.

Elastic Enterprise Search

Elastic Enterprise Search is a powerful, comprehensive solution that enhance the customer experience. It provides a unified, intuitive search experience across various data sources, making it easier for users to find the information they need.

  • Image Search feature allows end-users to generate search results through visual means, enhancing product discovery and boosting cross-sell potential.
  • Vector search is an integrated capability in Elastic that enables similarity image search, also known as reverse image search.
  • With vector search in Elastic Enterprise Search, you can implement semantic search, which allows your users to search based on meaning, not just matching keywords
  • Elastic Enterprise Search is built on Elasticsearch, known for its scalability and performance. This ensures that the search experience remains fast and responsive, even as your e-commerce business grows and the amount of data increases.


AI can significantly enhance product images for e-commerce by automating complex editing tasks, ensuring high-quality visuals that directly influence sales and customer trust. AI-powered tools like Luminar AI, Pixelcut, and Let’s Enhance can analyze and adjust images for exposure, contrast, tone, and color, remove backgrounds, upscale images, and even generate images from text. These tools help create professional-quality product images quickly and cost-effectively, which is especially beneficial for smaller businesses that may not have the resources for professional photoshoots.

AI plays a crucial role in enhancing website search functionality by understanding complex user queries and delivering relevant search results quickly. Tools like IBM Watson Assistant, Algolia, and Coveo use advanced AI technologies such as natural language understanding, machine learning, and relevancy training to interpret unique or unusual keywords and provide accurate, conversational answers. This leads to a more personalized shopping experience, which can increase customer loyalty and engagement

AI tools can assist in creating effective ads by generating high-converting ad creatives and optimizing ad campaigns. Tools like AdCreative.ai, ClickUp, and ViSenze use AI to customize ad creatives, simplify ad creation with templates, predict ad performance, and provide tailored product suggestions. This helps e-commerce businesses quickly connect with their target audience, streamline the ad creation process, and enhance overall engagement, leading to increased engagement and conversion rates.

AI-powered chatbots like Tidio, Chatfuel, and ManyChat improve the customer experience in e-commerce by providing immediate assistance for customer queries, automating customer support, and learning from interactions to continually improve. They can handle common inquiries, gather essential details, manage online reputations, and even start live chats for more complex issues. This not only enhances the customer service experience but also instills confidence in the brand, making customers more likely to remain loyal.

Generative AI plays a significant role in ecommerce by enhancing customer experiences, improving operational efficiency, and boosting sales. For example generative AI can learn and remember shoppers’ preferences, enabling personalized shopping experiences. It can refine customer profiles using data from past interactions, purchases, and preferences, thereby improving the accuracy of product and content suggestions.

Generative AI can also generate new and engaging content, such as product descriptions, images, and even entirely new merchandise. This can significantly change the way ecommerce entities operate.

Will Chen
Will Chen

Will Chen is an Australian tech and AI enthusiast with over two decades of experience in business and marketing. Known for being an early adopter of web, app, blockchain, and Web3 technologies, William has played a pivotal role in the digital innovation landscape. His insightful commentary has featured in various Australian news outlets. With a passion for AI and its transformative potential, William is dedicated to educating and empowering professionals and organizations to embrace and excel in the rapidly evolving tech world.

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