9 Best AI Tools for Every Small Business In 2024

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There is no doubt that 2023 was the breakout year for AI, with thousands upon thousands of new tools out there already and many more being launched every day. It can be a bit overwhelming, but picking the right tool can be a game changer for small businesses, helping level the playing field with larger counterparts.

The numbers speak for themselves!

  • Nearly half (48%) of small businesses started using AI tools in the past year, and 29% have been using them for one to two years
  • AI tools have saved small businesses an estimated $273.5 billion annually
  • 76% of small business owners report that AI is freeing both the business owner and their employees of time to focus on high-value tasks
  • A study from Deloitte and Stanford University found that 25% of small businesses are currently using AI in some form or another
  • 83% of small business owners plan to continue their investments in AI, with 31% opting for significant investments

In this article, we’ll introduce you to ten simple yet powerful AI tools that we’ve curated that will give your small business that extra edge in 2024.

1. Lumen5: AI for Video Creation

Visit lumen5.com

lumen5 small business

Lumen5 is an AI-powered video creation platform, designed to transform text content into engaging video presentations easily.

Best for: Marketers and business owners looking to quickly convert blog posts and articles into dynamic videos for better engagement.

Features & Pricing:

  • Transforms text into video using AI technology.
  • Extensive library of images, video clips, music and animated elements.
  • Automated workflow for easy video creation.
  • Customizable branding options for personalized content.
  • AI-driven media matching to align with your text content.
  • Allows integration with other services and platforms.
  • Pricing starts from $29/month for the Basic plan, with higher-tier plans like Starter at $79/month and Professional at $199/month. A custom Enterprise plan is also available.


  • Simplifies video content creation from existing text.
  • Automates the video creation process, making it efficient and less time-consuming
  • Facilitates direct posting to social media platforms, making it ideal for content repurposing and social media marketing.
  • User-friendly interface suitable for beginners.
  • Users can create videos without any technical background.
  • Broad selection of royalty-free stock media and customization options.
  • Speeds up the process of video editing and production.


  • Some users may find the customization options insufficient for their needs.
  • Free plans include a watermark, which may not be ideal for all users.

2. Upmetrics: AI Business Plan Generator

Visit upmetrics.co

Upmetrics is an AI-driven tool that simplifies the process of creating comprehensive business plans for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Best for: Startups and small businesses needing guidance and efficiency in drafting detailed and effective business plans.

Features & Pricing:

  • AI-assisted text generation for business plans.
  • Features to rewrite, shorten, or expand content.
  • Tone adjustment for tailored communication.
  • Insights to scale business strategy and performance.
  • Offers financial modelling features that streamline the typically intricate task of crafting financial projections.
  • Includes over 400 sample business plans and guides with detailed instructions.
  • Upmetrics pricing ranges from $9 per month for the Lite plan to $19 per month for the Team plan, and $64 per month for the Premium plan, with a 14-day free trial available for all plans


  • Upmetrics centralizes communication, attendance-taking, tracking, and data analytics all in one platform.
  • Users have praised the software for its ease of use and top-notch customer support.
  • Offers a range of customization options for different business types.
  • User-friendly interface and helpful resources for beginners.
  • Real-time updates and cloud storage for data security.
  • Allows unlimited members to be on board, facilitating effective collaboration among business teams.


  • There can be a steep learning curve when dealing with certain features.
  • May require some initial input and customization to fully leverage the tool.

3. Otter AI: AI Meeting Assistant

Visit Otter.ai

otter for small business

Otter AI transforms meetings into manageable tasks by providing real-time transcription and voice meeting notes. It’s ideal for capturing key points and converting discussions into actionable items.

Best for: Professionals and teams who need efficient meeting documentation and collaboration tools.

Read Our Full Otter.ai Review

Features & Pricing:

  • Real-time transcription and voice notes.
  • Ability to add highlights and comments to transcriptions, along with tagging speakers for future identification.
  • Conversations can be shared with others and organized into folders for easy access.
  • Live meeting summaries with the Otter AI chatbot.
  • Integration with widely-used platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Dropbox.
  • Users can teach Otter specific jargon, names, and other vocabulary to increase transcription accuracy
  • Free plan with 300 transcription minutes per month.
  • Paid plans include Pro at $10/user/month, Business at $20/user/month, and custom Enterprise solutions.


  • Simplifies meeting documentation and follow-up.
  • Significantly boosts productivity by automating the transcription process, allowing users to fully engage in discussions.
  • Otter AI’s collaboration tools help reduce knowledge silos or gaps across an organization.
  • User-friendly interface with practical features like highlights and comments.
  • Works as both a desktop or mobile app, making recording and transcription available wherever users may be.
  • Positive reviews and high ratings for functionality and ease of use.


  • Inability to edit audio files post-recording.
  • Limited to English language support, lacking multi-language functionality.

4. ClickUp: AI for Task Management

Visit Clickup.com

clickup small business

ClickUp is a comprehensive project management and productivity platform that offers a wide range of features to help teams plan, organize, and collaborate on work.

Best for: Businesses of all sizes aiming to optimize project management and enhance team collaboration.

Features & Pricing:

  • Users can create, assign, and manage tasks with various statuses and priorities.
  • Offers AI-powered tools for task creation, summarization, and email writing.
  • Allows for document creation, sharing, and collaboration within the platform.
  • Includes no-code automation for repetitive tasks.
  • Accessible via web, desktop, and mobile platforms.
  • Free plan available; paid plans include Unlimited at $10/user/month, Business at $19/user/month, and custom pricing for larger teams.


  • Comprehensive suite of tools for project and task management.
  • Efficiently handles and automates complex workflows and team collaborations.
  • Robust free plan that is suitable for many users, along with many cost-effective paid plans.
  • Highly customizable interface to fit various workflows and needs.
  • Integrates with over 4,000 apps and services.
  • ClickUp frequently releases new features and updates.


  • Determining the right plan can be difficult, and users may end up paying for features they don’t need.
  • ClickUp only offers support through email and chat, which may not be ideal for urgent issues.

5. Motion: AI for Productivity

Visit usemotion.com

motion ai for small business

Motion is a productivity tool that leverages artificial intelligence to help individuals and teams manage their tasks and schedules more efficiently.

Best for: Professionals and teams seeking an intelligent solution for scheduling, task management, and optimizing daily productivity.

Features & Pricing:

  • AI algorithm for automated daily planning and scheduling.
  • Machine learning to adapt to individual work habits and preferences.
  • Schedules meetings more efficiently, reducing the back-and-forth typically involved in setting them up.
  • It combines calendars, to-do lists, and project management into a single platform.
  • Offers integration with other apps through Zapier.
  • Intuitive interface for easy management of tasks and projects.
  • Available on both desktop and mobile platforms.
  • Pricing starts at $34/month for individuals and $20/user/month for teams.


  • Streamlines day-to-day scheduling and task management.
  • Increases productivity; Motion claims to increase productivity by 137%
  • Customizable to fit individual workflow needs.
  • Helps in reducing scheduling conflicts and maximizing efficiency.
  • Offers personalized insights and recommendations based on your unique work habits and preferences.


  • The user experience on mobile needs improvement.
  • Limited to planning schedules up to two weeks in advance.

6. ChatSpot: AI Sales & Marketing Assistant

Visit chatspot.ai

ChatSpot is a conversational AI tool powered by ChatGPT and Dall-E, that is designed to assist with sales and marketing tasks.

Best for: Businesses looking to streamline sales prospecting, content generation, and SEO content marketing.

Features & Pricing:

  • AI-driven content creation for social media posts and blog articles.
  • SEO tools for keyword discovery and competitor strategy analysis.
  • Integration with CRM for seamless data management.
  • Can log and segment leads.
  • Can send automated follow-up emails.
  • It can analyze your website’s SEO.
  • Offers custom reports related to marketing, sales, and customer service.
  • Free to use, even for non-HubSpot users.


  • Enhances content creation and marketing strategies.
  • ChatSpot can automate various tasks, saving time and increasing productivity.
  • It integrates seamlessly with HubSpot CRM, providing a unified platform for sales and marketing tasks.
  • Is versatile enough to act as a standalone tool, making it accessible to non-HubSpot users.
  • Can provide personalized and intelligent responses by leveraging ChatGPT.
  • Provides deep insights into company data and market trends.
  • User-friendly and easily integrates with existing business systems.


  • If your existing processes are flawed, ChatSpot will replicate these flaws.
  • Response times can be slower than other AI tools.

7. Manatal: AI Recruitment Software

Visit manatal.com

manatal for small business

Manatal is an AI-powered Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that facilitates the hiring process from sourcing to onboarding, tailored for small to medium-sized businesses.

Best for: Small to medium-sized businesses seeking an intuitive ATS with AI capabilities for streamlined hiring.

Features & Pricing:

  • AI-driven tools for candidate sourcing and recommendation.
  • ATS and CRM features, making it an all-in-one solution for recruitment.
  • Various recruitment features such as recruitment marketing, automatic resume parsing, candidate matching, skills assessments, interview tools, and employee referrals.
  • Reporting and analytics tools to track and analyze the recruitment process.
  • Integration with LinkedIn and other job boards.
  • Manatal’s pricing ranges from $19 per user per month for the Professional Plan to $39 per user per month for the Enterprise Plan, with a Custom Plan available on demand. Each plan offers a 14-day free trial.


  • Enhances candidate search with AI-powered recommendations.
  • Robust feature set, effectively providing most of the features one would want in a recruitment software, which centralizes the recruitment process within a single platform.
  • Provides CRM tools for improved candidate engagement.
  • Easy to use with minimal setup required.


  • Easy to use for the most part, but there might be a learning curve for some specific features or tools.
  • Does not have a job board for internal use.

8. Zoho Zia: AI for Sales Teams

Visit zoho.com

zoho zia small business

Zoho Zia is an AI-powered assistant designed to enhance sales team efficiency by automating tasks and providing valuable customer insights.

Best for: Sales teams and small business owners looking to automate lead management and gain insights into sales trends and customer behavior.

Features & Pricing:

  • Sales activity and performance analysis, providing reminders, predictions, and recommendations for contacting prospects.
  • Can create business emails, social media posts and answer tickets.
  • Able to generate reports on request, detect anomalies in sales or support workloads, and provide comprehensive business searches.
  • Integration with websites, social media, and email for customer engagement.
  • Can gradually learn usage patterns and suggest personalized automation.
  • Pricing for Zoho SalesIQ, which includes Zia, starts at $10/user/month for the Basic plan, with higher tiers available for more advanced features.


  • Streamlines sales processes and customer interactions.
  • Offers actionable insights to improve sales performance.
  • Maintains a focus on privacy, which is crucial for businesses handling sensitive data.
  • Zia’s conversational interface makes it easy to interact with and obtain information.
  • User interface designed for sales efficiency.


  • Zia is best utilized within the Zoho suite of applications, which may not be ideal for all businesses.
  • Limited language support; currently only supports English, French (Beta) and Spanish languages.

9. Jasper AI: AI for Content Writing

Visit jasper.ai

jasper ai for small business

Jasper AI is a copywriting assistant that helps create written content quickly and effectively, from emails to blog posts. It’s designed for efficiency, advertised as requiring minimal human editing to perfect its AI-generated drafts. For anyone looking to boost their rate of content creation, Jasper is a fantastic tool.

Best for: Content creators, digital marketers, bloggers, and businesses of all sizes seeking to automate and enhance their content creation process.

Read our Full Jasper AI Review

Features & Pricing:

  • Advanced AI writing capabilities utilizing GPT-3 technology.
  • Content generation for a variety of formats including ad copy, emails, articles, and social media posts.
  • Built-in plagiarism checker to ensure content originality.
  • Tone of voice settings to match brand voice and style.
  • Customizable templates for various content types.
  • Jasper AI’s pricing includes a Creator plan at $49/month for individual use, a Pro plan at $69/month for advanced features, and a customizable Business plan with dedicated support, with all plans offering a 7-day free trial and discounts on annual billing.


  • Generates high-quality, human-like text.
  • Versatile content creation, from short-form copy to long blog posts.
  • Intuitive interface and user experience.
  • Wide range of templates based on proven copywriting frameworks.


  • The output may occasionally require editing to fine-tune voice and details.
  • Can be considered expensive for high volume users.


What factors should a small business consider when choosing an AI tool?

When choosing an AI tool, a small business should consider its specific goals, the ease of use of the tool, the cost, and the reliability and security of the tool. It’s also important to consider the tool’s integration capabilities with existing systems

Can AI tools replace human workers in a small business?

While AI tools can automate many tasks, they cannot replace human workers entirely. AI tools are best used to complement human workers, automating repetitive tasks and providing insights that can help human workers make better decisions. However, they may not be able to handle complex tasks or provide the same level of personal interaction as a human worker

What are some potential challenges or drawbacks of using AI tools in a small business?

Potential challenges of using AI tools include the cost of implementing and maintaining the tools, the need for training staff to use the tools, and the risk of over-reliance on automation at the expense of personal interaction. Additionally, while AI tools can provide valuable insights, they are only as good as the data they are given, so businesses must ensure they have high-quality, accurate data

How can a small business measure the effectiveness of AI tools?

The effectiveness of AI tools can be measured through key performance indicators (KPIs) such as increased productivity, improved customer satisfaction, and cost savings. It’s also important to monitor the accuracy of the AI tool’s outputs and the impact on employee workload and satisfaction. Regular reviews and adjustments may be necessary to ensure the tool is meeting the business‘s needs.

What kind of support is available for small businesses using AI tools?

Many AI tool providers offer support in the form of tutorials, user guides, and customer service. Some also offer training programs to help businesses get the most out of their tools. Additionally, there are online communities, forums, and resources where businesses can share experiences and advice. It’s also worth considering working with a consultant or specialist who can provide personalized advice and support.

Will Chen
Will Chen

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