New AI Tools We Love – Issue 1

Hi everyone, here is a quick roundup of a cool few new AI tools that have just recently launched. There is no affiliate links or sponsorships, we simply think they are cool tools!

Inbox Zero

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Our Take

Inbox Zero has really made an impression on us for its practical approach to tackling email overload. As someone who’s been overwhelmed by emails myself, I appreciate how the founder developed this tool out of personal necessity. What stands out is its straightforward AI assistance that simplifies managing emails — from cleaning up subscriptions to automating replies and archiving. The inbox analytics are a useful touch, helping you get a grip on your email traffic. I also respect their commitment to privacy and transparency, with the open-source aspect and the option to self-host for extra security.

From the Founder:

As a founder I was bombarded with email. It was a constant time drain. I built Inbox Zero to fix this. Email doesn’t need to be a mess. In a world of AI agents, everyone should have their own AI email assistant. Inbox Zero will help you: – Clean up your subscriptions – Automate replying and archiving with AI – Analytics to give you an overview of your inbox The product is fully open source. So you can see exactly how your emails are handled. Or self-host for maximum privacy.

Key Features:

  • Newsletter Management: It allows users to see all their newsletter and marketing subscriptions in one place, offering an easy way to unsubscribe or auto-archive emails.
  • Inbox Analytics: This feature helps users understand their inbox better by identifying who emails them the most and the types of emails they receive, enabling them to plan their email management strategy.
  • AI Automation: Inbox Zero offers AI assistance for email management. Users can automate replies, plan email management strategies, and give instructions in plain English, similar to interacting with an AI assistant.
  • Privacy and Security: The app is open source and has been approved by Google. Users can see what the code does and even self-host Inbox Zero on their own infrastructure for enhanced privacy.
  • Pricing: There are various pricing plans, including a free version with basic features, a Pro version at $8/month with full platform access, and an Enterprise version for self-hosting and dedicated support. There’s also a limited-time offer for lifetime access.


Spiritme AI ScriptWriter

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Our Take

Spiritme AI ScriptWriter has really caught our attention for its fresh take on video creation. It’s the blend of features like the AI Filming Assistant and Dynamic Facial Expressions Engine that makes it stand out. It’s pretty neat how it can turn presentations into videos automatically – a handy tool for anyone in marketing. And the fact that you can create personalized videos with AI avatars and text-to-speech technology without breaking the bank or needing fancy equipment is a big plus. It’s clear that CEO Nikita and the team have put a lot of thought into making it user-friendly and versatile for different needs, from fun personal projects to more serious professional ones.

From the Founder

I’m Nikita, co-founder and CEO. We are super excited to show you Spiritme AI ScriptWriter! We have worked hard on the technology, and now it’s time to share it. Our goal is to create something that benefits you, and you are the reason we’re doing all of this. ✨

10 months ago, we first launched on Product Hunt. For Spiritme, it was the beginning of a long journey. We couldn’t have made it without you, and that’s why we’ve decided to launch again. We want to show what has changed since then.

Now, we have over 65k users. We strive to consider your wishes and have an open roadmap where you can share your suggestions at….

We noticed that many of our users are marketers creating videos for inbound marketing. So, we aimed to create the most convenient and straightforward flow for such cases in the market. The creation of videos from presentations is now fully automatic – something unique to us, and we hope it helps you.

Currently, our service has three technologies that set us apart:

  1. AI Filming Assistant
  2. Dynamic Facial Expressions Engine
  3. AI ScriptWriter

Try generating a video from your pitch deck in French for free today and let us know what you think!

Key Features:

  • Personalized AI Avatars: Users can create personal avatars that mimic their appearance, voice, and emotions. This allows for the creation of videos without needing professional actors or expensive equipment.
  • Text-to-Speech Technology: The platform utilizes text-to-speech technology to create videos with realistic visuals, voices, and expressions, simplifying the video creation process.
  • Affordable Pricing: Spiritme offers various pricing plans, including a free option with basic features and paid plans for more advanced features and customization.
  • Versatile Applications: The platform’s capabilities are not limited and can be used for various purposes like entertainment, advertising, film production, and more, catering to both personal and professional projects




Official Site

Our Take

We absolutely love the idea behind Rex! It’s a great alternative to tools like MyFitnessPal, and making the UX within Whatsapp makes it so much easier for many! The personalized feedback and daily reports are like having a friendly coach in your pocket, always ready with advice and encouragement.

Message from the Founder

We’re thrilled to introduce Rex 🦖, an AI-driven nutrition and fitness coach on WhatsApp. Born from our passion for health, longevity and personal transformation, Rex is here to make your diet & fitness journey more intuitive and less daunting. We want to be the long-term companion in your pocket that helps you get and stay in shape. Help us make a coach you would be proud to call your own!

Key Features

  • Meal Logging by Photo or Text: Users can log their meals by sending a photo of the meal or by texting what they ate. This makes meal tracking convenient and straightforward.
  • Workout Suggestions: The app provides tailored workout recommendations. Users can ask Rex for workout suggestions, making it easier to plan and execute fitness routines.
  • Daily Reports and Feedback: generates daily reports with personalized feedback and tips on diet and lifestyle. This feature helps users to monitor their progress and make adjustments as needed.
  • Calorie Logging: The app enables users to easily track their calorie intake by logging the foods they consume. This eliminates the need for manual calculations or external apps, aiding in diet management and goal setting.
  • Workout Tracking: allows users to log their workouts by detailing the exercise type, sets, reps, and duration. This feature simplifies workout tracking, making it more convenient to monitor and adjust fitness routines.
  • Personalized Daily Reports: The app provides automated daily reports, offering insights into nutrition and workouts. These reports act as virtual personal trainers, giving feedback on meal choices and exercise consistency, and motivating users to maintain healthy habits
Will Chen
Will Chen

Will Chen is an Australian tech and AI enthusiast with over two decades of experience in business and marketing. Known for being an early adopter of web, app, blockchain, and Web3 technologies, William has played a pivotal role in the digital innovation landscape. His insightful commentary has featured in various Australian news outlets. With a passion for AI and its transformative potential, William is dedicated to educating and empowering professionals and organizations to embrace and excel in the rapidly evolving tech world.

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