8 Best AI Tools for SEO in 2024

Having a bit of trouble navigating the world of SEO in 2024? You're not alone. The SEO space has been transformed in the last 12 months; with the introduction of so many AI tools for SEO, it can get pretty overwhelming trying to stay up to date with what’s new and what’s actually good.But with how ...

11 Best AI Tools For Recruiting In 2024

AI tools for recruiting can reduce hiring costs by 30% per hire, and 65% of recruiters are already leveraging this. It is critical you don't get left behind in 2024. AI recruitment tools can help streamline tasks like screening and scheduling more and more, acting as the helping hand that helps ...

Most Useful AI Tools of 2023 According to Reddit

We reached out to the subreddit /r/ArtificialInteligence on what they felt were actually the most useful AI tools of 2023. With over 26,000 views and 67 comments, here is a summary! View the original thread here 1. AI Art and Design DALL-E 3 (u/Hemingbird): Used for creating manga Unstable ...

15 Best AI Marketing Tools You Must Use in 2024

Introduction Marketing in 2024 will be a whole new ball game, with AI tools for every purpose filling up the market. Remember the days when crafting a marketing strategy felt like throwing darts in the dark? Well, those days are long gone. Now, imagine having a set of tools that not only turn on ...

New AI Tools We Love – Issue 1

Hi everyone, here is a quick roundup of a cool few new AI tools that have just recently launched. There is no affiliate links or sponsorships, we simply think they are cool tools! Inbox Zero Official Site Our Take Inbox Zero has really made an impression on us for its practical ...

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